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About me

My name is Andy,
I am a second generation blacksmith with a rich and stable background. I studied at the Private School of Applied Arts (SUV Kremnica) – artisan smithcraft, and at the High School of industrial art (SUPS Turnov) – metalcasting. I participated at several competitions, the most successful of which were: Comenius – my work was presented at art schools all over Europe Second place at "Pekar roku" (Cook of the year) , "Cukrár roku" (Confectioner of the year). Second place of year zero of the "Tvorte s námi naše dílo" (Create our artwork with us) competiton for Diamond Capital Ltd. First place at the Turnov city library competition, sculpture design of St. Jeronim; I executed the sculpting myself. My other notable achievements include creating replicas of the Hodejov bronze treasure jewelry for the Castle museum in Filakovo.
Besides my own and commissioned work, I like to take part in the Filakovo castle days, UdvArt Filakovo (note: wordplay on the Hungarian word Udvar – backyard), Varaljai Fesztival Hajnacka, and others where my cfraftwork complements the events’ pleasant atmosphere.


Andrea Ďurčová +421 903 562 349 Hajnáčka 211, 98033 Follow me on:

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